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If we have switched to a knowledge economy, then challenges facing your managers can be quite dizzy. Artificial intelligence will take care of much of their cognitive drudgery. This revolution is already shaking up your business model and operational model. What about the managerial model? Because the more technologically enabled workplaces become, the more important the “human” becomes – community, purpose, connection, empathy, relationships, and trust. Is your managerial model “upgrading” this human side of organizations: leading, learning, communicating, changing, collaborating, deciding, and engaging?  The classic Command and Control management does not handle this very well. Your competitive advantage lies in your people. Talents are more and more diverse, leadership is changing in nature, decision-making can become collective, collaboration is a prerequisite for quality ... and learning becomes a daily exercise. You can outsource some of your thinking to the machines, but not much of your ability to learn and generate collective intelligence.


This is the mission of the new managers. I call them the “learning leaders”. Erwan Hernot

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