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Working With Us

How can you help your managers to change?

  • Raise their awareness: what does digital future of management hold for them?

  • Question their beliefs and values to reframe the questions they face and open them to new paradigms.

  • Update their management techniques with the last research materials from behavioral science, neurosciences, sociology and psychology.


How can you do that? Choose one of these four intervention activities.

  1. Speaking. Here we don’t analyze an existing problem. You simply want a keynote presentation to be produced and performed. Keynote presentations are content-focused.

  2. Coaching works on a one-to-one basis. It enables managers to create their own solution to their problem. Coaching is about empowerment.

  3. Consulting is about analyzing the problem, advising a manager on a how to solve it, and then implementing the solution. Consulting usually works with a team, group, board, or department. Consulting is problem-focused.

  4. Training teaches managers how to do something by providing enough theoretical knowledge and practical examples. Training is instruction-focused.

How would you pay for those? You would be

  • Charged by daily rate: training, coaching (half day).

  • Charged by hourly rate: speaking.

  • Charged by project: consulting.

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